We like to fly throughout the whole year.   Wrap up warm in the winter or join us and enjoy the summer sun. If it's not raining, we are flying all year round!
3D Aerobatics
Many of our members enjoy learning to fly aerobatics and the modern '3D' manoeuvres.   Join us if you like to learn and fly modern aerobatics.
Rc Scale Helicopters
You can enjoy a variety of scale model helicopters flying.
Whether you are into the scale side or not, they are always great to see fly.
Beginners welcome
We all look forward to having beginners, both young and older join our little group.   Help, advice and instruction is always available to help our members.
Multi Rotor & FPV.
The Leicester Heli Flyers has a growing number of pilots flying the modern Multi Rotor models. Being used for aerial photography and FPV flight, adds another facinating aspect to our group.
Welcome to the Leicester Heli Flyers.

What are we?
The Leicester Heli Flyers is a group of likeminded Remote Controlled Model Helicopter enthusiasts.  We all get together in the heart of the country, on the south side of Leicestershire in an idyllic location.

We are a dedicated group exclusively flying helicopters, so no model planes, cars etc. will be onsite to distract and detract from our heli haven.

New members welcomed!
We are always hoping to find new members to join us from the total beginner to top experts and professional sponsored demo pilots.  Beginners are most welcome and can be assured of friendly help from other members who always look forward to passing on their knowledge and experiences.

What does joining us cost?
The cost of joining is kept very low at £60 per year, meaning that we can all enjoy our hobby for close to £1 per week!

Our annual year renews on July 1st each year and we have been established at Peatling Magna for over 20 years now.

When do we fly?
We have use of our field every weekend from dawn till dark. Also, we can fly there on Wednesdays if we feel like a mid-week session.

What would you need?
All you need to join us, other than your helicopter and related equipment, is basic Model Aircraft insurance. Contact the following for insurance today.
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